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Ideally suited for use after shampooing to restore the silky, shiny, healthy feel to your dog’s coat while improving manageability.

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What our customers are saying:

I love your products! I have personally exclusively used Paul Mitchell products on my hair for about 10 years so I was excited when I found out about JP pet. I use the tea tree spray a lot on my dogs. I also especially love the wipes and waterless shampoo. These are excellent options for the dogs I foster that are often not trusting enough for actual baths because of their background. It makes cleaning them up an option. The wipes also worked great in potty training our foster puppy a few months ago, she didn't have to get a full bath every time she had an accident in her crate. I have two black and white huskies of my own with blue eyes, they are perfect JP Pet dogs.

~ Sarah