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 John Paul Pet’s super-conditioning Awapoochi line combines the goodness and benefits of famous Hawaiian Awapuhi with botanical extracts that gently nourish and replenish pet’s dull, dry coats. Awapoochi Conditioning Rinse with Shine Memory renews the shine and luster of your pet’s coat between grooming by simply brushing.

  • NO Parabens or EDTA
  • Hawaiian Awapuhi extract adds extra conditioning
  • Shine Memory rejuvenates shine in your pet's coat
  • Tested on Humans First

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What our customers are saying:

Every since my Collie, Jake, was a puppy, he seemed to have very sensitive skin with rashes. He itched, scratched and bit himself. He was always on Prednisone and an antibiotic most of his 5 years. I purchased your Oatmeal Conditioning Spray... the other day. I used it on Jake one time and he stopped scratching! As far as I am concerned this product is a miracle and I intend to keep it on hand all the time. Thanks for an absolutely wonderful product.

~ Lorrianne