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The John Paul Pet Community is a place for pet lovers to gather and share pet photos, stories about your pets, check out upcoming events, get the latest news from John Paul Pet and help animals need.

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  • Homemaker Heather Reviews John Paul Pet Tea Tree Pack

    by Heather from Homemake Heather on Aug 5th 1:45pm

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  • Kristy's Blog Reviews John Paul Pet Grooming Pack

    by Kristy from Kristy's Blog on Jul 23rd 12:10pm

          I definitely recommend this product to anyone with animals. It worked great on my dog who has course/bristly fur. The shampoo and conditioner should definitely be given a try. A very big thumbs up for this product.   

  • Welcome To My Little Corner of the World Reviews John Paul Pet

    by Colleen from Welcome to My Little Corner of the World on Jul 14th 10:39am

     Paul Mitchell Pet Grooming Kit

  • Queen of Savings Reviews Grooming Pack

    by Justine from Queen of Savings on Jul 9th 1:02am

     We are all familiar with the John Paul Mitchell name in hair care products. Co-founder, John Paul DeJoria revolutionized the hair care industry by banning animal testing on his products over 30 years ago. John’s extensive knowledge in formulating products for hair and skin care have also led to new standards for pet grooming and hygiene products which has led to John Paul Pet and a variety of shampoos, conditioners, sprays and pet wipes. John Paul’s shampoo and conditioners are balanced for pets sensitive skin and their needs and the entire line is tested on humans first to verify their safety and effectiveness for pets.

  • Jessie's Review & Giveaway Loves John Paul Pet

    by Jessie from Jessie's Review & Giveaway on Jul 8th 1:29pm

     John Paul Pet Care 3-Pack Review As you all know from my other reviews I have three small puppies and yes you might of guessed they are very playful and get into everything so needless to say they get dirty vey easily. Thank goodness I finally...

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I love John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo!!

~ Knox