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The John Paul Pet Community is a place for pet lovers to gather and share pet photos, stories about your pets, check out upcoming events, get the latest news from John Paul Pet and help animals need.

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Upcoming Events

  • Rescuefest

    Mar 29th 12:00am

    2nd annual Rescuefest. Hollywood, FL

  • 2015 American Whippet Club National Specialty

    Apr 18th 12:00am

    The 2015 American Whippet Club National Specialty will take place at the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc, WI. The Specialty is a week-long event beginning Saturday April 18th, through Saturday April 25th 2015. Our Specialty includes all aspects of competition, beginning with lure coursing, agility, obedience, rally and with conformation events beginning on Tuesday and continuing through Saturday. The American Whippet Club National Specialty is an extremely well attended annual event that draws an average of 800 whippet entries from all over the country and a number of international guests each year. It is annually ranked in the top 5 for largest National Specialties with the American Kennel Club. More information on the event - http://americanwhippetclub.net/awc-events/national-specialty

  • French Bulldog Spring Fling Fundraiser Event

    Apr 25th 12:00am

    The time is 3:00PM-6PM A fundraiser for the nonprofit French Bulldog Resc...

  • 2015 Japanese Chin National Specialty

    May 1st 12:00am

    The 2015 Japanese Chin Club of America Club National Specialty will take ...

  • Soldiers Saving Puppies*Puppies Saving Soldiers Motorcycle Ride

    Jun 6th 12:00am

    A motorcycle ride and silent auction/raffle to raise funds for The Puppy Rescue Mission. Meet our soldiers and their dogs from Afghanistan.

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This Month's News

  • Missi Rose's View Reviews John Paul Pet

    by Missi on Feb 23rd 6:27pm

     I am the owner of four very active Chihuahuas, and actually, four brand new Chihuahua pups! I love them with all of my heart and try my best to take care of them properly and keep them groomed and  looking good. Because I live in the country, all four dogs love to spend a lot of time outside and with that comes dirt, mud, and anything else they can get into. I would never have thought that Chihuahuas would get so messy, but these four certainly do! 

  • Mama Banana's Adventures Review John Paul Pet Products

    by Jeanette from Mama Banana's Adventures on Feb 17th 12:54pm

      So for those of you who follow my blog and are aware of the medical struggles of my 2 year old, you know he went through bone-tumor removal surgery last August 2014 and has been recovering well at home. With ongoing leg deformity, we continue going to appointments and planning for more surgeries in his future (and to watch for reappearance of the tumor)...and lots of prayers.

  • Queen of Savings Review John Paul Pet Products

    by Justine from Queen of Savings on Feb 6th 10:01am

    We are all familiar with the John Paul Mitchell name in hair care products. Co-founder, John Paul DeJoria revolutionized the hair care industry by banning animal testing on his products over 30 years ago. John’s extensive knowledge in formulating products for hair and skin care have also led to new standards for pet grooming and hygiene products which has led to John Paul Pet and a variety of shampoos, conditioners, sprays and pet wipes. John Paul’s shampoo and conditioners are balanced for pets sensitive skin and their needs and the entire line is tested on humans first to verify their safety and effectiveness for pets. 

  • Mom, Are We There Yet Reviews John Paul Pet

    by Deborah from Mom, Are We There Yet on Feb 3rd 3:54pm

    Sometimes in the day to day parts of life of loving and taking care of animals it is important to remember their hair too.  My boyfriend’s dog, Oliver, has teary eyes that leak and stain his white hair around his eyes.  He has sensitive skin so normal dog shampoos and conditioners don’t always work.  I discovered John Paul Pet has some wonderful products specifically for dogs and cats.  I received three items from JP Pets all high quality, just like Paul Mitchell salon care items.

  • With Open Eyes To See Reviews John Paul Pet

    by Anne from With Open Eyes To See on Jan 26th 12:18pm

    Everyone has heard of Paul Mitchell products at the salon or even at your local grocery store right? Well now you can have that same quality product for your pets as well!

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