Health and Wellness through Grooming

What our customers are saying:

I want to thank you for making such fine grooming products for pets. I am a national certified master groomer. I have been grooming since the age of 18. So many of the pet shampoos are not quality products. I can tell by the way they dry my hands. I used your oatmeal shampoo on my cat. She is a champion and had been having dry skin problems. Your oatmeal shampoo has stopped her scratching & dry skin problems. It also fluffs up her coat better than any shampoo I have used on her. I have also used the product on a number of my dog clients with dry itchy skin. It is a wonderful shampoo. Please do not change it. I plan to try your other products as well. I hope they are as good as the oatmeal shampoo. Thank You, Peggy Gay ,Bill & Peg's Professional Pet Grooming (Ohio)

~ Peggy Gay ,Bill & Peg's Professional Pet Grooming (Ohio)